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Dart Players Australia Pro Tours 1-4 • February 1-3
Warilla, New South Wales


PDC Nordic & Baltic Pro Tours 1-2 / European Qualifiers 4-6 • February 1-3

Player's Championships 1-2 • February 9-10
Wigan, UK

Player's Championships 3-4 • February 16-17
Wigan, UK

Euro Tour Qualifier UK • February 22
Barnsley, UK

Player's Championships 5-6 • February 23-24
Barnsley, UK

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      At any DartConnect event, fans and friends can receive an email notification when their favorite player is warming up for a match. After the match is complete, this same email will link to the match report.

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      Any player can sign up for a paid premium membership to enable fans and friends to receive a fan alert. Join Now

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      Fans must sign up for a free guest membership, which provides the email address for the notifications. Fans may select up to four players to follow at any one time. Player selections may be modified or removed at any time. Register Now

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      Don't see your favorite player in the DartConnect Fan Alert list? Ask them to join DartConnect so that you can share in their quest for the championship!

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